SGA Funding Policy

*As stated in the Student Government Association Bylaws XVII – XXI.

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Funding Eligibility

In order to receive funding, a student organization shall:

  1. Have been recognized by the Senate and the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership Development and have a current annual registration form and constitution on file with the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership Development for the semester in which funding is to be allocated.
  2. The RSO President and Treasurer attend an RSO Annual Registration workshop during the current academic year.
  3. Be in good standing with the Student Government Association and Office of Student Engagement and Leadership Development.

Funding Requests

The allocation of the Clubs and Organizations Fund shall be used in support of projects open to and for the benefit of the whole student body. The Senate shall provide a Funding Request form with the following options for funding:


  1. An organization may receive funding for the cost of programming events that follow the organization’s purpose

Capital Expenditure

  1. A capital expenditure is defined as a one-time expenditure whose useful life exceeds one year.
  2. Such equipment is property of Lincoln College and shall remain at a secure location approved by the Senate and the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership Development. Organizations are responsible for the equipment appropriated to them. Organizations shall include a documented checkout system prior to proposing to the Senate.


  1. An organization may receive partial funding for a conference that is national or regional.
  2. Organizations shall be expected to share the burden of funding their conference.
  3. The participants of any conference supported by the Clubs and Organizations fund shall host a follow-up workshop, open to all students. The workshop shall be held during the same academic semester as the conference and the organization shall submit an outline to the Senate.

Procedure for Requesting Funds

  1. The organization shall complete the appropriate Funding Request Form and submit it before a scheduled General SGA meeting and two weeks before the funds are to be used.
  2. The organization President and Treasurer shall attend a scheduled General SGA meeting. The responsible members shall present the proposal at this meeting. Both of these presenters shall have attended a RSO Funding Workshop scheduled the second week of the semester.
  3. The Senate reserves the right to modify funding requests; this includes increasing, decreasing, rearranging, or eliminating any or all proposed funds before allocation.
  4. If the Senate does not approve the allocation of funds as originally proposed then the presenting organization may appeal the decision to the SGA Advisors.
  5. If any allocation of funds is approved and the organization does not wish to appeal, then the organization shall work with the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership Development to process financial paperwork and obtain allocated funds.
  6. The organization shall keep a detailed account of all expenditures and revenue.


The Clubs and Organization Fund allocations are available for (but not limited to):

  1. Entertainment, performers speakers, artists, etc.
  2. General operating costs.
  3. Expenses to attend meetings, leadership conferences, conventions, etc.

Funding not available for:

  1. Support of any groups which exclude from participation any student on the basis of religion race, ethnicity, nationality, creed, sexual orientation, marital status, age, gender, or physical disability. Recognized social Fraternities and Sororities shall be exempt from the gender restrictions.
  2. Money already spent.
  3. Personal loans or expenditures for school, living expenses, or anything else for the benefit of a private individual or private purpose.
  4. The purchase of alcohol, tobacco, or other age-restricted substances.
  5. Fundraising for any organization.
  6. Direct donations to a charity. Funding may be provided, however for a charity event (equipment rentals, publicity, band, etc).
  7. Groups/activities that fall under the direct financial responsibility of any academic or athletic department (excluding club and intramural sports).

The Senate shall clearly state the reason(s) for the rejection or modification of any proposal.

If an organization feels that the Senate has not upheld their Bylaws or Guidelines, an appeal may be made to the SGA Advisors within one week of receiving the Senates decision.

In the event an organization properly appeals the Senate allocation decision, Advisors will hold a preliminary session.