The Faculty Fellow program is designed to create opportunities for students to connect with faculty outside of the classroom or office. Research has shown that such a connection is extremely beneficial not only to the students, but also to the faculty involved as well as the overall campus community! By bringing faculty into the residence hall setting, we help students to realize that professors are people, making them more approachable. It also provides role models for academic excellence and provides a new resource for overcoming obstacles both in the academic world and life in general. Finally, it will help to demonstrate what a lifelong learner looks like.

This innovative new program has been developed with the following program goals in mind.

Program Goals

The program goals of the Faculty Fellow program are to:

  • Develop meaningful relationships among faculty, staff, and students
  • Increase student and faculty interaction outside of class and office setting
  • Offer a great number of high quality programming opportunities
  • Promote an emphasis on academics across the entire campus
  • Increase campus wide faculty and student engagement