Being engaged in campus life has serious benefits to the student. Research shows that the more involved you are, the greater the odds that you will graduate and will be satisfied with your college experience.

Being engaged means:

  • Working on campus
  • Participating in campus initiatives such as Orientation, Faculty Fellows, or a Learning Community
  • Attending Student Life activities
  • Being a part of a student organization
  • Taking on a campus leadership role, such as being a Resident Assistant or Orientation Leader.
  • Spending time on campus by utilizing many of our great resources and spaces.
Student Life hosts a variety of events and activities throughout the year, such as Family Day. The majority of these events are coordinated by students either through student organizations, the Lynx Programming Board, or by individual students willing to take initiative.
The Faculty Fellows are volunteer faculty members who are selected to lead our Learning Communities. These Learning Communities are groups of students united in the pursuit of knowledge and take two forms. Residentially, each residence hall has its own Faculty Fellow who works with Residence Life staff to create customized programming. There are also theme based learning communities, called Log Cabin Societies, consisting of up to twenty students and a single Faculty Fellow which meet once a week.
Lincoln College-Normal has a collection of student clubs and organizations operating at any given time. These groups are completely student developed and run and provide opportunities to develop teamwork and leadership skills.