Lincoln College-Normal offers a number of groups to for students to become involved in.


[accordian divider_line=”” class=”” id=””][toggle title=”Sigma Tau Delta” open=”yes”]Sigma Tau Delta is the International English Honor Society. A member of the Association of College Honor Societies, it was founded in 1924 at Dakota Wesleyan University. The Society strives to:

  • Confer distinction for high achievement in English language and literature in undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies;
  • Provide, through its local chapters, cultural stimulation on college campuses and promote interest in literature and the English language in surrounding communities;
  • Foster all aspects of the discipline of English, including literature, language, and writing;
  • Promote exemplary character and good fellowship among its members;
  • Serve society by fostering literacy
  • With over 750 active chapters located in Europe, the Caribbean, and the United States, there are more than 1,000 faculty sponsors, and approximately 8,500 members inducted annually.

Sigma Tau Delta’s central purpose is to confer distinction upon students of the English language and literature in undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies. Sigma Tau Delta also recognizes the accomplishments of professional writers who have contributed to the fields of language and literature. More information is available at Contact Professor Mary Adams at (309) 268-4311 or[/toggle][toggle title=”Black Student Union (BSU)” open=”no”]“Coming Together and Making an Impact.” The BSU at Lincoln College-Normal is a student-led organization that provides multicultural opportunities for all students on campus. The organization began in October of 2008 and set out to infuse African American and Black culture into the everyday lives of Lincoln College students. Since its conception BSU has held multiple social events and information sessions, as well as, a fundraiser to boost resources for the organization. BSU meets on a weekly basis and encourages students of all races and ethnicities to join. For more information, please contact the Coordinator of Residence Life at (309) 268-4849.[/toggle][toggle title=”Sigma Kappa Delta” open=”no”]Founded on April 21, 1996, Sigma Kappa Delta (ΣΚΔ) has its origins in Sigma Tau Delta (ΣΤΔ), the national English honor society for  four-year colleges and universities. Many English instructors in the growing two-year college system had been members of ΣΤΔ during college and were interested in offering the same opportunity to two-year college students. For years before ΣΚΔ’s founding, the national headquarters of ΣΤΔ had received calls from instructors asking about possible membership for two-year college students. Few two-year college students qualified for ΣΤΔ membership because membership in that organization is limited to majors in English related fields.

Dr. William Johnson, Executive Director of Sigma Tau Delta and Professor of English at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois, suggested a new national English honor society designed especially for two-year college students under the direction of Sigma Tau Delta; ΣΤΔ’s Board graciously agreed. Thus, Sigma Kappa Delta was founded when Dr. Johnson invited four two-year college instructors to meet April 18-21, 1996, at the Chicago Allerton hotel. More information is available Contact Professor Mary Adams at (309) 268-4311 or[/toggle][toggle title=”Epsilon Sigma Alpha International” open=”no”]The letters ESA stand for Education, Service, and Association. Epsilon Sigma Alpha (ESA)  International is a powerful network that brings good people together to accomplish good things in the local, national, and global communities. Since 1929, ESA has created a powerful network of nearly 1,000 chapters to excel in community education, service, and philanthropy. Hands-on philanthropic endeavors provide more than 650,000 hours of direct service to those in need. Each year, ESA’s 12,000 members also help to raise $10 million in cash and pledges for charitable causes.

ESA’s unique programs provide each member with the training, education, and support they need to promote successful public service, while developing personal and professional skills in management, public relations, and overall leadership. ESA members are people who want to make a difference, who welcome challenges, and are gratified by personal involvement. They enjoy working with others, and are touched by the testimonials of others. They are particularly interested in causes that affect families, children in particular. They respond readily to individuals and are especially supportive of fellow members. The words caring and sharing are important to ESA members as these words have come to characterize the basic spirit of the membership. ESA members are people who care enough to share.  Membership success and satisfaction are measured by the degree to which individual members and chapters have been able to achieve positive ideals.

While the orientation of how to achieve these ideals has changed over the years, the basic spirit of ESA has remained constant over its more than 75 year history. More information is available at Contact Dr. Joyce Reed for more information at (309) 268-4309 or[/toggle][toggle title=”Residence Hall Association (RHA)” open=”no”]RHA is a Lincoln College Normal student-led organization designed to represent and provide for the needs of on-campus residents. Every resident on campus is considered a member of RHA; however, various leadership positions exist within the organization for students looking to become more involved. RHA maintains a close working relationship with the administrative members of the Office of Residential and Student Life and allows students to voice their opinion in decisions affecting the living environment of the on-campus population.

RHA also incorporates the SLAC and BACCHUS committees providing programming for residents on campus. SLAC, or the Student Life Activities Committee plans social and developmental activities and events, and BACCHUS, Boost Alcohol Consciousness Concerning the Health of University Students, is responsible for health, wellness, and alcohol awareness programming.

RHA encourages all on-campus residents to get involved, whether by simply voting at general assembly meetings, joining a committee, or holding an executive position. For more information, please contact the Coordinator of Student Life at (309) 268-4849.[/toggle][toggle title=”SMART Guys – Sophisticated, Mature, Assertive, Respectful, Thinking Guys” open=”no”]The mission of the Smart Guys is to create a unique atmosphere to remold the negative stereotypes of men in today’s society. We will accomplish this by serving as genuine role models which behave as mature, assertive, respectful, and thoughtful members of the community. We will also contribute to the campus and local community in a substantial way. If you are interested in becoming a SMART Guy or in supporting their mission, please contact the Assistant Director of Residential and Student Life at (309) 268-4340.[/toggle][toggle title=”Sport Management Club” open=”no”]


  • To improve the community through the act of sport by creating positive activities throughout the area as a club.

The club is comprised of a group of students from the sport management program who strive to impact the local community through sport involvement. The club formed in September of 2012 and to date they have participated in several community activities. Examples are, attending the ISU Sport Management Symposium, selling 50/50 tickets at Bloomington Blaze Games, and participating in sport activities as a club in the community.

The club’s main event for the 2011-2012 school year was raising $600 for The Miracle League of Central Illinois to help accomplish the goal of building a new baseball field that is accessible for all players who enjoy the sport of baseball. The club meets once a week to plan new activities and events. If you are interested in joining the club please contact Ms. Tiffany Edgar at or at (309) 268-4909.[/toggle][toggle title=”Helping Others Out of Destruction (HOOD)” open=”no”]H.O.O.D is a student-led organization that is dedicated to promoting health, wellness, and high-risk behavior awareness to the students of the LCN campus! H.O.O.D offers students the opportunity to :

  • Promote a safe & healthy campus for ALL students
  •  Host events for campus
  • Become a certified peer educator
  • GREAT feeling knowing that you play a very important role on your campus and the community you live in!

We’re an organization that branches from BACCHUS which also promotes healthy and safe lifestyle decisions concerning alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, unhealthy sexual practices, and other high-risk behaviors.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the H.O.O.D. advisor Alissa Kapella, the Coordinator for New Student Orientation at[/toggle][toggle title=”Goin’ Green Club” open=”no”]Do you want to know how to grow your own food? Do you like to be outside and “play in the dirt”? Do you have an interest in living more sustainably? Then the Goin’ Green club is for you! The mission of the Goin’ Green Club is to:

  • educate the campus and the surrounding community on gardening techniques for organically grown foods
  • establish a community garden on campus
  • establish a campus and community cooperative maintenance program of the garden
  • implement and monitor recycling programs on campus
  • provide ideas, programs or contacts for establishing a more sustainable lifestyle

Some of the club’s activities include visiting Ropp Pumpkin farm during the Fall season, planting gardens in the Spring, Maple Syrup Tap at Sugar Grove, and participating in local philanthropic events. Everyone is invited to be a part of this group. Meetings are on Wednesdays from 5-6 p.m. in Room 110 (science lab).

Contact Club advisor  Jill Bucher, located in Office 110 C, at (309) 268-4320 or for more information.[/toggle][/accordian]


Founded in 2012 by two ABE students, we provide a safe, social and educational atmosphere for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,  Transgendered, Questioning and their Allies (LGBTQA). We incorporate nondiscrimination not just on the basis of sexual orientation, but also race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, disability and military or veteran status. Our group includes all students that are traditional, ABE and MCC along with staff, faculty and alumni of Lincoln College-Normal and surrounding community members. Our goals are to socialize and educate others in a safe, fun and positive manner.

We support other community organizations and help plan social events involving them. We are planning to invite successful and professional individuals of the LGBTQA community to come and share their life stories; which in turn enhances our lives during and after college. Contact us at or our Facebook page: LCN Pride.

College Students for an Accessible Community (CSAC)

The College Students for an Accessible Community (CSAC) student organization’s purpose is to give students an avenue to help transform Bloomington-Normal into a model accessible community. We strive to educate the student body, the faculty, and the public about accessibility. We promote advocacy for those in our community with disabilities. CSAC will endeavor to achieve this purpose by involving our diverse constituencies through:

  • Education
  • Community outreach
  • Interactive presentations
  • Public discourse

Any member of the Lincoln College-Normal community who supports our purpose is eligible for membership in CSAC. Those interested in membership should contact a CSAC member or the CSAC Faculty/Staff Advisor, Sue Merrick at or (309) 268-4321.